Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship

This is the best thing to do this weekend in Tampa bay. I was so impressed, we had a lot of fun doing this wonderful pirate ship ride. The price is right, as this voyage will not break the bank and you get two dollars off if you order on line. It is a spirited adventure as the cast members are outrageous and keep everybody smiling the entire trip.

Even before the boat takes off from the Clearwater Beach Marina area, people really enjoy just getting ready for the trip and boarding up on the boat. We walked down from the Palm Pavilion after lunch and saw everybody smiling and gearing up for the trip so we decided to pick up some tickets.

Boats are expensive and it's a lot better just to go out on one every now and then rather than the cost of owning your own boat. This kind of voyage is not just for parents with children as it is good for couples, and even your grandparents will enjoy the time out on the water. You get to cruise by the sand key beach area and a lot of people don't realize Sand Key is in Clearwater Beach on the left side as you're heading out to the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the kind of thing you can do seven days a week. I would recommend picking a day when it's not too windy, which keeps the water more stable and makes for a more pleasant ride. Even better why not come out for the weekend as this island makes it easy for Finding a very nice Hotel to enjoy. If you want to go faster why not try the Speed Boat Thrill Ride although for us we like a smooth adventure with lots of comedy along the way to spice things up.
Erasmo B.

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Going Out on a Boat

I like the one tank trip ideas for people that live in Tampa. Finding good things to do on the weekend and Tampa bay is so easy because we are not that far from the waterfront zones.

When you're going out on a boat I would definitely recommend picking the weather to make it just right. You don't want to bounce around too much and you want sunlight so you can see down through the water more clearly.

The cast and crew members are very good here and most people come away completely satisfied that they got a fantastic return on their entertainment budget.

Emory O.

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