Yummy Teppan Edo Japanese Restaurant

Yummy Teppan Edo Japanese Restaurant

It is fun here at the Japan Showcase, especially for those with the annual pass. You need many days to do the entire thing, plus the wonderful restaurants. In Japan, go to the Teppan Edo, which is a full featured Japanese Restaurant with stir-fry dishes and vegetables done at your table. The area is beautiful and has the coolest Japanese Shopping Center one floor below the restaurant.
Iva K.

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Sushi Bar

We like to stop and get a Beer at each pavilion along the way. Since we walk slow and go into all the shops, it is not really guzzling! Here the star is the Japanese Kirin Beer, a great brew.

Delores T.

Love the Food at Teppan Edo

You basically pick your meat-fish-tofu and then the veggies. Great mix. I like Chicken with Mushrooms (Chicken stir-fried with pea pods, mushrooms) and the Pepper Steak (Beef, green peppers, hot sauce, onions, cabbage, sauteed in black-bean garlic sauce).

Dolores I.


So good are the sushi pieces and rolls. The restaurants and bars are a magical part of a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, so we come hungry for the yummy food. We like places like runrunchinese.com" class="comment-more-soft4">runrunchinese.com that offer generous and artistic food preparations. They sell everything from your yummy teriyakis and tempuras to tasty sushi boats!

They do a good job at Disney with all the authentic foods and it's not just at Epcot, it's even At the Hotel restaurants which are themed. We stayed at the Swan Resort and they have some excellent restaurants inside that particular hotel and it's Walking distance from the entrance to the Epcot World Showcase.

Make sure you try some of that bourbon chicken which is really good with brown rice and vegetables. We eat out quite a bit at the local oriental restaurants and there's some really good places in town that have nice prices. We like to eat at Epcot when we can but most the time were eating at one of the Chinese fast food places like http://www.runrunchinese.com/ because I am hooked on wonton soup. The atmosphere here at Epcot really rounds out everything because you have the wonderful shopping experience and the food at the same time.

Mitchel N.

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