Wok Fried Cafe

Wok Fried Cafe

The restaurants here are just fantastic, and probably a little bit better over there at Epcot. It's fun to learn and do different things in the kitchen. Some of the best recipes are probably in the China Showcase. The flavors and the smells are terrific from the wok cooking. Go to Epcot during the Wine Festival for the very best day at disney.
Marva M.

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Chinese Restaurants

When you get hungry there is no better place for quick service dining and delicious food at the same time. I am a big fan of the seafood delight because it's healthy and really good. Inside the seafood delight you get a mixture of scallops, lobster, and shrimp mixed with all those cool different colors of Chinese vegetables.

If you're looking for one of the good chicken dishes, I would recommend the sesame chicken that has big chunks of chicken that are deep-fried and then sauteed with a special honey sauce. While you're waiting for your meal to come it is great to watch other people try to use chopsticks. One of the chef specials is called the four seasons and it mixes together chicken, roast pork, angus beef, and lobster with the Chinese vegetable mix. If you're gonna be in north Orlando I would recommend the China gate restaurant chinagatefl.com as they serve good food for when you can't make it into the Epcot China Showcase.

Enrique I.


1510 Avenue of the Stars
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