Using the Circle Hooks

Using the Circle Hooks

Only touch the fish with wet hands. Know the best way to handle the Gulf or Atlantic Ocean fish species you are targeting and have release equipment ready. Be sure to always follow the Florida Wildlife Commission's dehooking rules to improve survival rates.
Maryanne V.

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Fishing Rules

Very complicated are all the fishing rules down here in the Florida Keys. Do not think that you can easily figure out what type of fish you caught usually, in the first place. Obviously if you catch some kind a shark, those are easy to identify and those are ones you want to put back gracefully into the water. The problem is, getting the fishhook out of the shark's mouth is extremely difficult most of the time. Unless you do this on a regular basis, it is quite frightening. It doesn't take much to accidentally get your finger into the jaws of this predator. We like doing it, but it is very complicated because of the rules and you don't want to do something illegal. People watch around here, it is an echo green area, and they will call you in to the marine patrol or the coast guard.

Garland U.

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