Beach Fishing

Beach Fishing

One of the best things we did on vacation was Fishing from the shoreline right behind our hotel unit. You won't believe how nice it is because you can see in the water since the clarity is decent here when the wind is calm. It's nice if you walk out in the water to about two or three feet deep and then cast out from that particular location which will make sure your hook and weight are way out there in decently deep water. The fish mainly like to swim around the bottom whether it's ten feet deep or five feet deep, because around the bottom is where the rocks, grass, crabs and other critters are located. I've seen quite a few people that take a floating bobber and fish with that, but it's a lot easier and better to use a sinker and fish from the bottom.

I try to use the Fishing lines like the monofilament without a leader at the end because you don't want the fish to know that there is a hook or a line. If you can use three or five pound test line, then that is very thin and is really hard for the fish eyes to see the line in the water. If they see the line there probably knock and a bite on your bait, so you need to be as sneaky and conceal your line and hook as carefully as possible. You don't know what you're going to catch so be prepared for just about anything including the small little blacktips sharks and the nurse sharks. I would definitely bring down to the beach a pair of pliers and gloves so you don't get your hands stuck by the fish gills.
Erin M.


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