Space Coast Tour Stops

Space Coast Tour Stops

This is one of those beach towns that everybody will enjoy immensely. On the space coast you get the sunrises each morning on the beach shoreline, so have your hotel do a wake-up call at least one time. Just like the sunsets on the West Coast, this is something too good to pass up. Most of the day we spent out playing in the waves.
Brianna T.

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Loved the Seafood and Happy Hour Bars

There is nothing like going on a beach vacation and taking advantage of the seafood in Florida. We came to the beach and ended up having a culinary vacation. There are beach bars and seafood restaurants all over the coastline. Nothing beats the cheap beer happy hour.

Kristin L.

A Beach Town full of Surprises

Love it here when they have the surfing competitions. The hotel rooms are full, live music is huge, and the tandem surfing is such a joy to see.

Toby M.

Cocoa Beach Pier

401 Meade Avenue
Cocoa Beach FL 32931

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