Scary Rides for Kids

Scary Rides for Kids

I saw a bit on TV about this scary ride, and it was all positive. The Disney technical and design people thought it was time to update the mansion and the experience. This is one of the original Magic Kingdom experiences, so it is a really good idea. I would love to do a backstage view of it.
William K.

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I really do like the rides and shows that are medium scary, not the superduper scary stuff. I don't want to completely flip out when they do something, so no electric shocks or anything like that please. We had a lot of fun here on our trip and were really impressed by Cinderella Castle, and you can eat inside there. We did most of the good rides and even got to see the Jack Sparrow show outside on the street. I think Thunder Mountain also qualifies as medium scary, and Space Mountain is more like super scary because of the darkness. There are so many things to do here that kids can never get tired of. It'll take you a good ten hours, and then your feet are going to wear out. Once your feet start really going downhill, it's better to go get a drink somewhere, or eat in the restaurant and get off your feet for a while. If you keep pushing the stroller, you might just not be up to walk the next day!

Noelle Y.

Haunted Mansion

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