Gulfview Boulevard

Gulfview Boulevard

Picking a Florida beach hotel should be about finding a place is loaded with entertainment that's included with the price. This was a great decision to stay at a fun place that is jumping with the good vibe every single day of the week.

You don't get bored an island city center that is always happening with people moving about enjoying the beach scene. I love the tropical pool deck with the cocktail lounge and happy hours daily. We would do so much Bicycle Riding during the day exploring and then back to the hotel for the swimming and the pool party in the afternoon.

My goodness you can really have a good time in a hotel that has all of the activities planned out for you daily. It's kind a like staying over at one of those Disney hotels, because things are more entertaining. Sweet is the location, especially when you're oceanfront with all the boats going by. The hotel sits on the Clearwater port of entry underneath the sand key bridge.

Every single boater that wants the come in and enjoy one of the boater friendly restaurant is has to go to behind the hotel and boats are cool to look at. You will see boats going by on the back pool deck of all shapes and sizes, plus the speedboats. This was a good pick, we really enjoyed a fabulous beach vacation in Florida.
Beverley R.


619 South Gulfview Boulevard
Clearwater Beach FL 33767

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