Over the Top Parade

Over the Top Parade

The parade is too fun, and the kids can yell. I like the spot not too far from the start gate between Pizzafari and Creature Comforts. The key here is to reduce the congestion around the spot you are at, so you can high five with fans. All the Music events are so nice here.
Marlene S.

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It seems like we always take more Photography during the Music filled parades. They are a lot of fun because it is more about dancing, plus the Character Greetings. I think the cool floats that they use are really incredible. If you look closely at how some of these are built, and the way they move, it's ingenious. When the Parade is going on is a good time to make sure you already have a fastpass. Sometimes you can get lucky because they're so many people watching the parade, you can go on the single rider lines to Expedition Everest and get right on. For all those with kids make sure you go by and check out Rafiki's Planet Watch, that is the best area with small children. They do a good job between the different design elements and each area is all about a story or something that was in one of the Disney movies.

Faith G.

Jungle Parade

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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