What is the best beach park in Venice Florida

What is the best beach park in Venice Florida

The perfect Florida Beach has all the fun and watersports, plus you can park your automobile in the shade! Yes, that is a highly under reported element of a great beach, so you sit comfortably when you are departing after your shoreline pleasures. Fishing and sightseeing are huge here, the jetty adds a nice twist to the beach day. It is a treat to see the daily boat parade coming in and out of Venice Inlet. You will like the beach park a lot!
Abram H.

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Hit the Subway on the way

Birthday parties are nice here, and we do lots of that type of event. You know, special occasion are nice for a little picnic party. Stop by the Subway Shop and you will be set.

Brain H.

Jetty Park Beach

1000 South Casey Key Road
Nokomis FL 34275-3341

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