Nicely done in Bikini

Nicely done in Bikini

The beach here at Caspersen Park, with its natural and timeless beauty, is our pick for a fine day by the water. It has really nice rock formation and a long shoreline for walking. We have noticed an uptick in love, as couples think this is the perfect place for a wedding or to renew your vows. All kinds of local hit this place, kind of a hidden spot. Bring your water toys.
Alonso W.

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Super Park and Bicycle Pathways

Not sure what the name of that is, but there is a great bike path that goes right down here to the beach. If you bring your bikes on your car, you can leave from here and cruise all around some beautiful areas by the airport. Combining the bicycle activities and the water sports makes for a great day of fitness. It sure feels good if you have a nice body to show off. You will love the bikini here too!

Lorene H.

Where to see the Sharks in Florida

In a boat you can easily see sharks off the coast, nurse sharks swim in shallow water. There is a massive fishing pier (sells beer and fresh seafood) that extends over the Gulf, perfect for shark fishing.

Haywood H.

Caspersen Beach

4100 Harbor Drive
Venice FL 34293

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