Location of the Hotel is Excellent

Location of the Hotel is Excellent

Oh yes, it a great hotel, one of the best in Orlando, and maybe in florida. A great feature is that it sits right near Epcot, just a few minutes walk. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk to the movie studios theme park, or hop on the boat. Give it the top rating for adult couples or family trips.
Josefa B.

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Lap Swimming Pool

I am so excited about our trip and staying at the Swan Resort, right there close to the Epcot entrance. What a beautiful photo of the Swan Hotel, that is the lap Swimming Pool and not the big one. They have a big huge pool which is only about one hundred yards away from the lap pool. You get to choose your room, so make sure you relay any preferences that you have when you are booking your reservation. There's the main building, that big tall one with the highest views of all, and then they have a couple of other large buildings but not as big as the big one. It doesn't really matter so much to me which room we get, but it is nice to have a balcony and you would like to be higher up to take advantage of the views. It was a pleasure to come here last year because of the great Cabana Bar and the Boat Taxis. We thought it was a nice place and for sure a good price for the upscale comforts. You can always go with the Pop Century Resort if you want to save a little bit a cash.

Catalina D.

Disney Swan Resort

1500 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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