Rocket Ship

Rocket Ship

On the days you skip the Theme Parks there are great day trips to do in Orlando like the space center. We thought it was excellent, as you learn a lot about the past. It brings out the good side in human nature as you will feel really proud to be an american or even being alive with the great human spirit.

It is definitely a good day of learning and very in depth. It is not really the kind of thing children get into at the younger ages, like under five. People with younger children need to know that the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex is designed for adults and older children. Adults have the most fun so beware of young children at nasa space center that might be overwhelmed by the details. Just trying to help and it may change to be more like Disney in the future.

My husband and I loved the experience, and so good for the kids that like lost in space and Mission Space ride. Many of the items are historic, need reading, and there is just a lot of Space Mountain lovers detail that brains of that small age do not care about.

It is a top ten Orlando area attraction as far as I am concerned. Do go if you love space travel, just leave the little ones with the relatives! Adults can really appreciate the behind the scenes and experiences of space flight.
Bessie E.

Kennedy Space Center

One State Road 405
Merritt Island FL 32899

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