West Florida Beaches

West Florida Beaches

This is where is the best beach close to the Tampa airport is located. People love coming out to Clearwater Beach because it's so easy to get to, as they can fly down from atlanta, raleigh, detroit or wherever, and be standing in the sand in about thirty minutes after heading in this direction from the airport.

It's great, a nice town with calm waves, warm water to swim in, and lots of great hotel opportunities to pick from. This is the kind of place that once you get here you do not need to rent a car, rather what you really need is to rent your bicycles. We would recommend taking one of the shuttles over from the airport and that way you don't need a car the entire trip. The jolly trolley bus system is a winner and will get you to all kinds of other activities in the immediate area for a low five dollar per day unlimited ride cost.

Many people love it over here if they have smaller children as it's not quite as wild and crazy is the Atlantic Ocean. Many times you don't want small children in the Atlantic Ocean because it's rough and can tumble you over quickly. Pounding the waves is fun sometimes when it's not too wicked, and typically that's the way it is over here on the gulf coast. I love the powder white sand and a great time to come is during the annual sandcastle contest week.

Any of the event weeks are always a good opportunity to hear more live music, see more activities, and just be overwhelmed with the beach fun. I personally would not combine a Clearwater Beach trip with the Disney World trip, as they are completely separate entities. I would maybe stay three or four days over here at the beach and then three or four days over at All-Star Music Resort for example. I like the Holiday Inn at Clearwater Beach for the price, plus you really need a microwave and a mini refrigerator for the pizza cafe leftovers!

Vacationing on an island where you do not need the automobile and use an open-air bus to can take you around when you need to, is a really good thing. Renting bicycles or bringing your own is the awesome way to enjoy a vacation. The quality of life is excellent, and you will be all smiles throughout your vacation pleasures.
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333 South Gulfview Boulevard
Clearwater Beach FL 33767

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