Hotels with all the Upgrades

Hotels with all the Upgrades

I like this place and would say it is even better than the walt Disney Grand Floridian Resort & spa. That is the one here In Orlando which is the highest-priced hotel. Here, you are closer to more adult attractions, with the Boardwalk, epcot, Espn Club, and the drinking Alcohol options. The swan is a very posh hotel. Nearby, the peabody is nice, Very Nice. Not as good with kids, but perfect for adults.
Juliana D.

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Boat Taxi

That's a great photograph there of the Swan Resort at Disney World Orlando. The photo was taken from the Dolphin Resort, which is the sister or brother of the Swan Hotel. What's cool is you get to see the Boat Taxi, which takes you around to the different attractions and over to Epcot Theme Park or Hollywood Studios Theme Park. If your focus is on the Magic Kingdom or going over to the Animal Kingdom, this is probably not the best hotel to take advantage of the location. It is an exceptional in every regard, and most people stay here because of the Epcot availability and the daily Music Concerts. The Boat Taxi ride doesn't actually take you very far, may be three quarters of a mile or less. It's very easy to walk the sidewalk system but there's something special about having a captain pick you up at the docks and taking you where you want to go.

Vilma F.

Disney Swan Orlando

1500 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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