Gift Shopping in the Florida Keys

Gift Shopping in the Florida Keys

Wow, we got a chance to see a real bars of both real silver and gold!!! Our children loved it to, the neat history about Spanish galleon wrecks and treasure hunting. Mel Fisher's Maritime Museum was excellent and I would recommend it to all. You will love the picture and artifacts like: navigational instruments, coins, cooking tools and more. We had no idea about the sunken Nuestra Senora de Atocha.
Roy Y.

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So neat is the Mel Fisher Display

We can make a 100 or more Things to do in Key West, and put them on the our wish list. Mel Fishers is way up top. Before we go we can try to put them in some order of priority. Right now we have two!

Tom N.

What to do when raining in Key West

It takes a good hour to check this place out. Pick a bad weather day. Save this for then.

Leigh Y.

Mel Fisher's Treasures

200 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040

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