Fort Wilderness Grocery Store

Fort Wilderness Grocery Store

Those gigantic beers that you can buy here are just too expensive. You really pay up for the Alcohol at Disney or the hotels. We went to buy a six-pack at the Fort Wilderness grocery store yesterday and almost fell over! The Trading Post is open everyday and has just about everything you would need will camping.
Emery E.

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Campground Grocery

Do you have a Disney visa which saves you on the camping trip. Get the Disney visa, use the link below and we can contact you about using your Disney visa to reserve a package right away. If you don't have a Disney visa, just note that in the comments and we will wait until this package is released to everyone. With or without the visa it is a fun time and we'll be able to put a package on a courtesy hold for you at that time. Orlando travel planning team is here to help out of towners.

Aline U.

Trading Post

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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