Boat Taxi

Boat Taxi

Orlando hotel picking means you can have a free boat taxi ride which is a normal guest extra. Being able to hop on a boat watertaxi and being dropped off is great service. Never before have we gone to the hotel that had a boat out back.

I know when you're in places like Clearwater Beach they have the marina and you can go on different boat rides, but never for free. These boats go back and forth to the Magic Kingdom and some of the other local resorts all day long. Things are it just a lot more fun when you don't have to go out to your car and fire up the air conditioner, load everybody in, rather Take the Boat Taxi.

This is a fun place and I love those rapid fill mugs are you get as much as you want. Eating inside is good but of course this is Orlando and there's great food everywhere, but you might not go out. We typically don't use our car at all, that's one of the advantages of staying at such a fine place.

I read on the website that you can get a daybed delivered into the room but we did not need that, with two queen beds which is plenty. I don't think I would put five people in a room, unless you were doing it for budget purposes. Four people in a room is about as much as you want to go and you gonna be Out and About most of the day anyway. The only time you really in the room is when you've had too much to drink and crash out of the into the night!

The Poolside Bar stays open late and we like that so we can stumble back to The Hotel Room after a fun filled day. Walking all in the morning with mega fitness and then the evening fireworks, and then swimming.
Terra L.


1600 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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