Top Fishing Spots in Sarasota

Top Fishing Spots in Sarasota

What a cute little park for fishing and boating, and they have a separate little kayak launch location as well. A lot of people fish along the shoreline, but it's better if you go out about waist deep. That way you can get your bait-cast out into deeper water. But there are snook fish that cruise right along the shoreline, in one foot of water or less. The park is great and the kind of place that really is nice for fishing, walking, and paddling around in the kayak.
Wanda I.

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Top Fishing Spots in Sarasota

You cannot find a better spot for all around fishing and boating. The park has both a kayak launch and a huge boat ramp area, if you are going out fishing on a boat, kayak, or canoe. You can fish from the backcountry side and there are lots of trout in the protected areas. We try for snook and whiting when we do our shoreline fishing. Park right next to the beach, so carrying your fishing equipment is a breeze.

Norma U.

Kayak Fishing Made Simple

This is a really nice place to go fishing from a kayak, since you just need a pole and a good artificial lure. Try to cast under some of the docks or around any structure you can find. The bayside is nice and protected from the wind.

Forrest I.

Turtle Beach

8862 Midnight Pass Road
Sarasota FL 34242

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