Fishing Friendly Bars

Fishing Friendly Bars

The concept of a waterfront bar letting their customers fish while they eat and enjoy their dinner and cold beers somehow escaped me. That's the perfect combination of a good time when you can fish at the restaurant! What a good Sunday afternoon where you can keep an eye on the sports tv while keeping your hook ready to go with a live shrimp on the end. The Fishing is good in an area that has all kinds a good keepers ready to bite. The bar here right underneath the matanzas pass bridge called Bonita Bills. It is one of the most popular places to go and super boater friendly for all those that are going underneath the Sanibel Bridge for example, it's about five minutes away.

On the menu are my favorite things of all the grouper nuggets recipe. If you're not from Florida you probably never heard of grouper nuggets, but they are the best of all because you get to put them in the different dipping sauces. I like that cajun mustard mayonnaise style sauce and the sriracha hot sauce. Make sure you remember not to throw your naked blackened chicken wings in the water, although it just seems appropriate and probably exactly what thomas edison did in the Caloosahatchee River. The best time is late in the day here, when the sun is slowly setting it's just perfect to relax and have some cold beverages especially the cold beer! Do not forget about watching your fishing pole.
Jackson R.

Bonita Bills

702 Fishermans Wharf
Fort Myers Beach FL 33931

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