Disney Events and Family Fun Days

Disney Events and Family Fun Days

What a good time, as they really have a huge mix of contemporary art, student contests, photography, and chalk designs. This just has to the the coolest of the Downtown Disney Events. People involved come from everywhere, making it special with an international selection of exhibitors. The event planners did good with this one, it is now one of the premier kickoffs for the Florida art season.
Cletus I.

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You can drink at some nice Bars

Try the Rain Forest Cafe for a prime meal at a medium cost. Fulton's Crab House is a little more and you can eat outside on the boat. Plus they added the T-Rex Restaurant, and you have all the bars as options for the party crowd like us. Finally, an Orlando Mall that you can drink at!

Quinton N.

Raglan Rose Bar and Restaurant

Try the Raglan Rose Bar, which is in the middle of the complex. The show off a bunch of Professional Irish Dancers and have lots of Irish Dance Shows.

Stephen T.

Festival of the Masters

1491 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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