China Shopping District

China Shopping District

Wow is this place just the greatest for shopping. Orlando is so lucky to have this, but I guess the pat on the back goes to Disney. We have to drive over from Sanford to shop here because Epcot has the coolest stuff. We now have an annual pass to take advantage of the opportunity.
Tad B.

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Shopping in China

Going to the shopping areas is a lot better on a Disney day that it is at Walmart! We love the walmarts of Florida, and they have a good one not too far from the Disney Theme Parks which has a big section of really cheap Mickey Mouse gifts and shirts, plus lots of toys. The unique stuff that you can buy at the shopping places like in the China Showcase is not available at Walmart or any other place around town. That's what makes is superduper special for finding something completely interesting and unique, because we don't have many of these objects in the american culture. We spent at least six hours Walking around this entire area, and I'm not even counting the Future World activities and Mission Space ride. Once you get down and consume a couple of those premium Margarita cocktails, everything becomes even more entertaining. There is a really good Beer bar in the United Kingdom call the Rose and Crown Pub which sells harp lager by the pint or you can buy a two ounce scotch chugalug whiskey shot!

Joseph J.

China Showcase

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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