Big Disney Cabin Lodge

Big Disney Cabin Lodge

Better than most of the other big time resorts in the Orlando area. We just stayed here and want to comment in. Our first stay at Disney, but we stayed at tons of the other places around the city. You just get more bang for your dollars. So many activities, boats, free taxi, bonus hours at the parks and more. Great stay for sure in the Magic Kingdom area of the property.
Marcellus H.

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What a great photograph of that outdoor shower that you can use on the way out to the beach area. This is the exact Walking pathway that we would take back to our unit each time we were done with the Swimming Pool or the beach. As soon as you leave the main pool area, where the restaurants in the main fun is, it becomes like a wilderness Ocala forest. I think walking around the property is about as good as it gets and it's nicely shaded even during the day when the sons out bright. I couldn't say enough good things about it all because we really enjoy something clean. We were really happy to stop at the local grocery store to pick up a bunch of food when we came in. The refrigerator is nice to you can store your sandwich is and wine to keep it cold. Room size is no problem since you're busy the entire day and by the time you come back either you've had too many cocktails or you're completely pooped from all of the walking. We like active hotels in this is a winner.

Marsha G.

Wilderness Lodge Resort

901 Timberline Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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