Children will love the Character Meetings

Your favorite TV Characters are on display and here at Disney Orlando you get to meet and greet them. We love Toy Story Rex! Yes, one of the key things that the Disney Cast Members do is shake hands or high five with children. What fun it is, just the ticket to a magical kids day at the park.
Kris B.

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Do not forget about the Waterparks

Great zone and we love using the disney children's parks. We are fitting it all in, and were able to add the water parks to my disney itinerary each time over. In the afternoons, what a perfect way to cool off before the drive home. Thanks for the thoughts.

Erasmo H.

Children will love the Character Meetings

Nothing bets a meet-and-greet with the world's most famous bear! Not Yogi, it is Winnie the Pooh. Our kids loved it, what a hoot. We stayed at the very cheap, but fantastic, All Star Movie Resort. That is the hotel steal!

Isidro Z.

Minnie Mickey Zone

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