All around Entertaining Hotel

All around Entertaining Hotel

We did this resort as a birthday present. A hotel stay makes for a nice gift. As always, we did not spend any time and energy on birthday gifts. I am so over that, just something fun to open is fine. After 21 people do not need gifts, a hotel stay is better. Gifts take too much time to figure out. I like that $20 and under technique, which the World of Disney Store has covered. Maybe a one-year annual pass to Disney, that is fine!
Brandon N.

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Swimming Pool

That must be just about the coolest looking photograph I've ever seen of a hotel In Orlando. The jukebox Swimming Pool, how creative and wonderful. It was a pleasure to stay in the fourth floor here, so we had a really good view. Of course that photograph only shows part of the swimming pool, because it is absolutely huge. It was nice that the Disney people always keep floating balls for the kids to play with inside the swimming pool. Everything is heated in the winter time, so bring your bathing suits every body. Most people think of all the amenities at the hotels, the swimming pools are the number one thing. This hotel rates equally as good as the All Star Movies resort.

Ahmad C.

Bathing Suit Vacations

I am so happy to hear this good news on the rates to Pop Century. You can get a good long night of sleep and begin to return to a normal state from the theme parks without driving! After a couple of weeks, it will feel like you have been there for months, and get into a good routine. Orlando is a good place to vacation, I am so happy, so I can relax too!

Karla N.

Pop Century Resort

1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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