Melbourne Marriott

Melbourne Marriott

Impressive is this wonderful Melbourne Beach hotel that is close to everything. We looked around for quite a bit to try to pick out the best place to stay and finally decided on a place with a little kitchen inside the room. A regular hotel room is just fine, but I really like it better when I have kitchen facilities to take advantage of heating up late-night snacks and for breakfast.

There's a lot of Recommended Beach Park options in this zone and your day will be really busy taking advantage of the Shoreline Adventures. Plan on exploring everything from lifeguard beach all away down to the Space Coast Launches which happened quite frequently because they are satellite focused.

It can't be any better than this enjoying a wonderful time it is zone that has a little bit of everything for people to do including Jetty Park and Kennedy Space Center complex. Each day the big problem is just trying to figure out what to do, because you have many things at your disposal.

Be sure to bring your beach bicycles to cruise the shoreline and take advantage of the bikini viewing opportunities. If you ever wanted to see more gorgeous women in Florida on a vacation, try to find a better place than this, just hit the Atlantic Ocean Along the Shoreline for every kind of bikini you could ever think of.
Chasity F.

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Free Breakfast Hotel

Having your free breakfast is the big thing. You get a little bit of the best of the best and, you are really close to all the action. I have to be excited to go back again to Melbourne at this is one of the better beach towns you will find along the Atlantic Ocean.

We've been to Cocoa Beach many times and that's a good place. Try a little bit of everything along the waterfront and each trip will be slightly better as you learn how to boogie board and use your surfboard to ride the waves.

Leeann M.

Residence Inn

1430 South Babcock Street
Melbourne FL 32901

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