You need all day long and into the night to see it all

Lake Buena Vista Golf Course
It has been voted best central Florida course and was rated excellent by golf digest. go

Funniest of the Rollercoaters
Be sure to try it. go

Famous Disney School Kids
We just happen to run across this live event while walking around the theme park. go

Magical Painting Street Act
We have seen them perform at Dinoland Animal Kingdom about five times. go

Getting Beer at Disney Orlando
It is a classic and you should bring your video camera for sure. go

Stars are on Display
You can get the event schedule when you first walk in each day, however I recommend you go on the web and look at it the day before you arrive to memorize it. go

Wonderful Events
All of the schedules change, so plan ahead to not miss the key events of the day. go

Plan on lots of Animal Adventures
Yes, what a zany thing to come up with. go


Famous Destinations

Active Hotels
Our first stay at Disney, but we stayed at tons of the other places around the city. go

Disney Resort Cocktail Bar
Singing spirits poolside bar is a super place to get all sorts of cocktails. go

Prime Time Orlando Hotel for Families
Loved the pool and the Chefs Gala food and wine tasting! go

Check-In at Port Orleans
There are two Port Orleans, the first used to be called dixie landings, now it is called Port Orleans Riverside. go

Your Hotel has a Real Zoo
The living area has a pull out couch for two extra guests to sleep, and you pick one or two bedroom units depending on availability and your vacation budget. go

Island Inspired
Only at Disney World can you find yourself at the Happiest Place on Earth! go

Busy and Modern Fun Resort
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

We loved the Park Visits

We loved the park, and I am hooked on disney. I looked at Everest briefly, and it appears you just use the traditional logic to ride it with your eyes closed. Even got a Mickey Mouse Credit Card. It is good too, no annual fee, had a teaser rate, real rate, customer focused polices, etc.

Sonny Y.

Mickey Mouse Fun

Orlando is so nice for Mickey Mouse fun and the airport is excellent. My worst lonely times was when I used to fly around like you, but I did it alone. I installed and fixed up software systems, and it was a lone wolf job. Off to the airport on Monday morning and back home on Wednesday or Thursday, and that might not sound bad.

It is all smiles when landing In Orlando because you know what awaits, otherwise flying is not so good. Those three years doing that knocked me down hard. Once security got so tight that it took mega extra time boarding, it became worse. After I left that job, that was it, and I have not been on an airplane since! If you ever want a visitor I would drive to atlanta. I am done with planes, and I am not scared of them.

Bobby Z.