We Only Recommend Hotels Excellent for Couples and Families

Which Disney Pool to Pick
We loved this Orlando beach resort and will absolutely stay here again! go

Orlando Hotels with Fantastic Swimming Pools
This is all complimented by first class beach bar style service. go

Fifty Yard Line Rooms
There are pools to play in, a food court to eat in, and bus service to the Disney Parks. go

Longer Term Disney Stays
Fishing and bike rentals are great to do when not swimming. go

Hotels Great with Kids
You are not on the monorail, but for the price it is super sweet. go

Walkway to Citywalk
That's another one to consider because you have for great hotels so close together and they're all priced about the same. go

Marriott Vs Disney Hotels
You have to pay for the Theme Parks, and yes there's some money involved but boy do you get a good time with so many options around town. go

A very nice place for family vacations
The outdoor pool is huge and that would be the view to negotiate on the phone and-or at check-in time. go


Hotel Beds

Small Children love Splash Mountain
Don't forget about Splash Mountain, which is just wonderful. go

Scary Magic Kingdom Rollercoaster
Late in the evenings you can ride it over and over with no wait. go

Pint Sized Fun Playground
A child's mind will explode like when they are looking at comic book. go

Beer Specials
I can remember of few of them off the top of my head like the black velvet, guinness draught, harp lager, golden fox, woodpecker premium beer. go

Digital World Creative Zone
See if you can hit that new record high on your favorite arcade game. go

Sit Outside
This is the place to get your legs back for more walking and rollercoaster rides after a great meal. go

Magic Kingdom High School Cheerleaders
This is a really good treat, even for those that are not into the Christmas spirit. go


Stay here in Orlando

Hotel Beds

I sure was impressed with the great vacation stay here In Orlando. To get a little bit of everything in a five mile geographical area, stay in Lake Buena Vista. I think staying in the Disney properties is probably one of the best things we've figured out to do. They have a wonderful Poolside Bar, so when you get back to your room and are getting ready to take a dip in the Swimming Pool, your cold beverage of choice is waiting. They have a limited beer menu at the poolside bars, nothing like what they sell at Epcot. That's okay, as I can wait to get to the Epcot showcase before I try one of the amstel light beers, anchor steam, or maybe a bass ale. Beer is a little expensive, so plan on that. It's a lot better to bring beer for the hotel and keep it nice and cold. We usually fill up the refrigerator in The Hotel Room with beer, and then use one of the coolers from home to ice down a whole bunch of more beer. We drink the ones that are been in the ice first.

Ofelia V.