We are Big Fans of Orlando Vacations, it is a Winning Pick

Napa Valley Wine Themed Restaurant
You can quickly get over to Disney, Universal, or Seaworld. go

Big Hotel
You might as get a really nice resort rental value. go

Lakefront Hotel
The Hyatt Grand Cypress is a vacationer's delight, with fine dining, splendid rooms, a heated swimming pool, tennis, boating, biking, golf, and more. go

Never before have we gone to the hotel that had a boat out back. go

Book a Room
The classics are here from the Disney movies and woody is simply gigantic, and he's here, there, and everywhere. go

Cheap Hotel
The third floor is excellent because you can look out over everything, so third or fourth floor is what I would request when you are booking it online. go

Good Life at Disney Beach
Close to the boat dock area is the super good milk shake shop. go

Super Hotel for Universal and Disney Epcot
Pay a little more at the Caribe Royale and you get lots of extra value for the money. go


Preferred Hotels

Our picks at Epcot Theme Park
It is all on the walk way around World Showcase lakeside promenade. go

You will really enjoy the Nightlife at Disney World
It changes every single night and you just do not know what to expect. go

Going to the Dance Party
That theory works in the summer, when the days are so long in Orlando. go

Small Children love Splash Mountain
The wet part happens on the last part there, where you fly down and hit the water on the bottom. go

United States
The america area is on the other side of the lagoon from Spaceship Earth. go

Walking Through Epcot
Animal Kingdom is the same, go early to see more critters out before the heat hits them. go

Best of the Smile Rides
This is the same for the Movie Studios or any of the other disney theme parks. go

Hotels here in Orlando

One of the things that most impressed me about the hotels here In Orlando, are the places where you can get some the right at the resort. Most of the places that we always stay at, you have to get in the car and take off when you want to go get some food. Of course you can order to go and have it delivered, but that's not the same. I like staying at the hotels where you could walk to places like the ESPN Club restaurant. I always tell people that the best thing about the disney hotels is you can leave the automobile sitting nicely in the parking lot. You lock it up tightly when you first arrive and get all your luggage out, and there it sits for the rest of the trip. Using the free transportation and having all the good restaurants close by makes life easy for parents. I have to rave over the Food Court at any of the hotels even the cheapies like All-Star Movies resort.

Dwight R.

Trip Tips

If you're heading to Disney and central Florida on vacation, make sure you look up the surf temperature over there at Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach. It just might be worth the one hour and fifteen minute drive that it takes from the Old Key West Resort hotel directly to the ocean if the water is what you're looking for with big waves and a good temperature. I would go to google and just do a search for Melbourne beachflorida surf report. I like this one site because they show you photographs of the exact surf that you'll be swimming in at melbournebeachsurf.com website.

It's nice to know that the low tide is going to be about nine am each day and the high tide is around three pm each afternoon. Ok is a big surf and it will still be five nights of fun and that is plenty! I am certainly looking forward to some big waves swellinfo.com and it is worth knowing what the deal is so you can make the decision on whether you want to drive over there or not and it's not that far to the Cocoa Beach Pier which is awesome!

Salvatore J.