Top notch are the food choices at the theme parks

Wine Festival
One of the good things is you are burning all the alcohol out of you with the walking and movement. go

Take All the Sightseeing and Enjoy
Laughing and watching the comedy is just outstanding to do at the theme parks. go

Lake Buena Vista Golf Course
Located one block from the Magic Kingdom, how cool is that! go

Epcot Morocco Restaurant
We made a date of it and headed over to enjoy the Restaurant Marrakesh Orlando. go

Epcot's Annual Flower and Garden Festival
I have been very impressed with all the improvements over there at Disney Orlando, this shift has been on music playing. go

Perfect for Kids under Eight
The Magic Kingdom for children is a forever winner for fun, the family loves it. go

Climbing High in Adventureland
If we start a day at Magic Kingdom, by 6pm we are spent and ready for the resort bar cocktails. go

Visiting the Lion King Cub Kitty
Nemo the show is outstanding and nothing beats the cutting edge rollercoasters. go


Suited for Smiles

Hotels to love the Heated Swimming Pool
They really do a good job with this resort. go

French Quarter Hotel Orlando
Similar to staying at the at the boutique hotel le marais in the real french quarter location. go

Take Advantage of Beach Play
Just amazed when we had the beauty of this gigantic Disney Orlando property. go

Swimming Pool
You walk into the pool just like at the beach where the water slowly gets deeper. go

Magic Kingdom Area Lodge
Better than most of the other big time resorts in the Orlando area. go

Hotel located near the Animal Kingdom Theme Park
The baseball part of the hotel is excellent, but it does not matter where you stay. go

First to the Theme Parks each Day
They cater to kids, families, and romantic times for adults. go


You will like the Vibe

Suited for Smiles

Hi, the tour de france was excellent today, in the high mountains. It is the perfect thing to watch to fire you up for the trip to the france showcase at Epcot Orlando. I believe you will like it, the food is wonderful. Only two more days in the mountains. You want to eat at chef de france with a window view.

Oswaldo N.