Send us a picture that tells why you need to get away

Stopping at the Boulangerie Patisserie
I love the impression de france show. go

Disney Wine
One of the good things is you are burning all the alcohol out of you with the walking and movement. go

Stars are on Display
Go ahead and make sure you understand the schedule, in the times guide which is the daily published event schedule. go

Festival of the Season
One hot spot for all types is the free Festival of the Seasons days and nights at Downtown Disney. go

Getting alcohol at Epcot is all about the Margarita Bars, and the best one is in Mexico. go

End of the Day Show
Riding bicycles is a lot better at night and so is some time at the Theme Parks. go

Disney Tip Ticks the Pedometer Big-time
I have been very impressed with all the improvements over there at Disney Orlando, this shift has been on music playing. go

Shopping in China
We now have an annual pass to take advantage of the opportunity. go


Bring the Children

Camping Park Grocery Store
Those gigantic beers that you can buy here are just too expensive. go

Splash Pleasures
You just need to use your car a little bit to get to the theme parks. go

Get a Balcony
Walk to it all. go

Swimming Pool
If you do not like sports as much, go with the contemporary which is fun for kids too. go

Best Lobby
We loved the pool and all the themed food. go

Awesome Fun and Play for a Disney Stay
Flowers are blooming all over the grounds, the boat captains are so nice and you take the free boat taxi to attractions. go

Very High Rating
Pack up for the hotel, get all the comforts of home. go

Winter is the Best Disney Season

Laugh if you want, but I think a Main Street Disney haircut is a super thing. Disney probably does a much better job of drawing the crowds in the winter when the beaches are not as good with the cold water. Today was a sunshine sky winter day perfect for Disney World.

Marquita A.

Good Zone for Fun

I want to go to Dave and Busters! I don't think we will have time to go to City Walk. We might not want to bring them. This is supposed to be an I-Drive vacation, not a Universal Studios vacation.I don't want to go to City Walk.

I'm not sure how safe it is to bring the bikes. I don't know if we can take them to the room and I don't think they will be safe in the parking lot. There is a lot to do on I-Drive.

Trenton I.