Pick a good stay for all the fun times at Disney Orlando

Good Hotels for Disney Nightlife
It is nice to pick a disney hotel that is waterfront. go

Disney Options
It is spectacular. go

Lighthouse Port Marina View
My room was a good size, and we liked having some inside space. go

Value Resorts are Darn Good
This is an official Walt Disney World Golf Resort, the course is right next-door. go

A very impressive stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge
Having a lot of room is nice for adults that entertain between two and six guests. go

Deals match Quality with Fun
A family of four can stay and play, with the extra theme park hours added in for a special bonus. go

Big and Loaded with Goodies
When you stay at one of their resorts, you do not need to do any homework and just show up to be surprised. go

Lakeside Orlando Resort Lodge
Resort food and restaurant choices on site are all great, making it so easy with a group of kids. go


Very Nice Overnight

Roller Coaster in the Dark
The number one thing to know about Fast Pass is to get your first ticket as soon as you walk in the park. go

World Showcase
France is super too. go

A Fun Day out in Orlando
They pack them in for this classic festival, one you and your sports children will rave over. go

Walking to Theme Parks
Getting around to the Theme Parks and Attractions is really nice with the boat taxi rides. go

Famous Disney School Kids
All of this stuff that has singing and dancing is a winner. go

Mexican Burritos and Chimichangas Shop
They do not skimp on ingredients and strive for first class food. go

Best Golf in Florida
AllonFlorida dot com ranked Orlando has number one for Florida golf. go

Very Best Vacation Spot

What is the very best vacation spot in Florida? It is time for some Trip Planning, as we would like to enjoy at least one part of Florida over a three-day weekend vacation. Having two small children, we need a destination that has lots of fun activities for children. The areas we are considering are: St Petersburg, Key West, Miami, and Orlando. What do you think is the best vacation spot for us in Florida? Without knowing all of your activity preferences, making a Florida vacation planning suggestion is only by feel. Your two children are the key piece to your puzzle. That leads me to tell you to pack for Mickey Mouse. Orlando is the place for family attractions galore. It starts at Disney: Epcot, Animal Kingdom Park, Magic Kingdom, and universal studios, keeping everyone entertained.

Garland N.

Reason to Stay

It's been a pleasure to stay at a couple of the good resorts here at Disney and I have to say the Grand Floridian is something special. We had plenty of fun it Pop Century and have stayed Fort Wilderness campground with the rv trailer and like them all. I think Christmas and December is one of the better times to stay but you have to book early because it's harder to get a room this time of year.

If you're trying to find the deals and I probably wouldn't pick December, I'd focus more on the summer months when they really drop the prices. There's a website that's dedicated to the Florida Resident Discount said Disney and it's an official website so you want to look at that when you're planning ahead.

I think the experience of staying at a fancy place is worth the extra money because of the service, decor, and really fun amenities. The really is not a reason to stay in north Orlando because it's just a little bit too far and I'm not sure why we picked up here for a extendedstayamerica.com hotel last year.

Alba C.