Pick a nice hotel for mega Orlando vacation fun

Features a Swimming Pool Bar
After staying at a bunch of the local hotels we figured out the top spots are walking distance from the fun. go

Easy Access to Parks and Swimming
Normally the value resorts are the way we go, but the upgrades are so nice to have. go

Alcohol at the Pool Bar
Get a fancy cocktail, great food, and their is a kids menu. go

Pony Rides
Fort Wilderness saves you a ton with large groups. go

Disney Resorts have Hot Tubs
The hotel has the very best Disney Swimming Pool. go

First to the Theme Parks each Day
They cater to kids, families, and romantic times for adults. go

Take Advantage of Beach Play
They have things scheduled periodically throughout the day, so you do want to take advantage of the Caribbean Beach Event Schedule. go

Our first stay was a winner at Polynesian, since being on the monorail is cool-beans guaranteed. go


Orlando Overnight

Best Golf in Florida
The problem is we're doing just one night trips, and you need to or three days to fit things like golf in with the family and all the kids. go

Perfect for Outdoor Adventure Vacations
There are many activities to do at the campground, which is what makes this so popular and rated number One. go

Best of the Smile Rides
The number one thing to know about Fast Pass is to get your first ticket as soon as you walk in the park. go

Soothing Beach Theme
Accommodations are very nice, with a soothing beach theme. go

Faster than the Test Track
It has was great for me and we like the fast driving. go

Live Action Show
Great thing to see, adults will love it. go

Scary Tribute to Disney Imagineers
I would love to do a backstage view of it. go


High Quality Hotel Picks

Orlando Overnight

Staying near epcot is the best way to go. That's great news about the high quality egg rolls at the Japan showcase. Your egg rolls are good because they are not fried. Make sure you try the spicy hibachi chicken breast on the menu. They do it right with grilled with green onions and mushrooms in a special spicy homemade sauce.

Deloris W.