Orlando Restaurant Dining is all about Creative Tastes

Music and Tunes in Orlando Florida
They mix it up, and on special nights or events have DJs entertaining too. go

Orlando has a few Restaurant Rows
Answer: Easily the best spot is over at Walt Disney World, where you get to choose between all sorts of nationalities and some incredible dining experiences, all done nice for families. go

Variety of Japanese Cuisine
This is a place to add to your schedule for sure. go

Disney Mexican Showcase Review
One can not go wrong by first starting with a classic margarita. go

Sit Outside
Everything on the menu has a little twist to it, so it is fun to eat here to try something a little bit different. go

Best Fast Food Restaurant
I like to get my burrito hot and spicy, and take them home to eat with iced tea. go


Zesty Flavorings

Waiting in Line
All of the future and space rides are very entertaining. go

Swimming Pool
It was a treat to stay a new orleans style hotel. go

Extra Things for Kids
It is a music lover's paradise here with lots of extra things for kids. go

We got to Meet Mickey Mouse
Find it at the far end of Main Street, at the base of the Cinderella's Castle. go

Book online to save money
It has been that way for a couple of decades. go

Fantasyland Mine Roller Coaster
Storybook circus land is a winner, do not miss dumbo's main tent. go

Fastest Rides for all Ages
What an outstanding job the Disney team did by providing a zillion ways to change and modify the ticket options. go

Healthy and Nutritional Items

We came away very impressed with the variety of healthy and nutritional items that are part of the menu At the Theme Parks. They have really spent a lot of time and energy focusing on the menu called super healthy, if you pick the right things. Mostly people think about Disney has been in the attraction business, but they are in the fruit serving and restaurant industry big-time. What I'm hoping for is all of the food that you get around any of the Disney properties and restaurants will have nutritional information fully describing all aspects of what you're consuming. I love the fact that they're getting more and more of the vegetables from the local farmers here in Florida or Homestead Florida, down south where most of their best vegetables and fresh fruits come from. If you get a coconut cocktail, you wanted to come from a fresh coconut that came from the Florida Keys not some foreign country. I just wanted to thank the folks there that are putting the menus together for the continued focus on the kids to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and its associated with a healthy body weight.

Boris E.

A Good Restaurant

There's a great Chinese restaurant up there in Winter Park that we go to all the time. Stop by and check it out jumbowinterpark.com when you're in the area you can call them up for take-out or just stop in and order there fast. I like a good restaurant that uses fantastic ingredients but does it expediently with the friendly staff. They have a going on for the classic oriental dishes and curry.

They use really good ingredients from everything we've had and it's equal to the Chinese restaurant at Epcot. I always start with some soup and I love the wonton with roast pork and I get a court every time. A court of wonton soup will last be about three days if I have a little bit each day, although sometimes I can eat the whole thing in one day. It's really good authentic soup and they have that hot and sour soup which is prime time. I sure hope your Christmas goodies at work have been plentiful! That is plenty as a gift! The freebies of office life for free food at christmas are a true blessing of the season, just like good egg rolls!

Nelson F.