My daughter got a super photograph standing next to Pinocchio

Entertainment at the Disney Castle
With little kids, the best rides are at the Magic Kingdom. go

Stopping at the Boulangerie Patisserie
The france area is excellent it will be an hour or more easy to see all. go

Wet Play
Take the first exit ramp, turning right onto Buena Vista Drive. go

Stars are on Display
After analyzing the full day of rides and shows, this was probably the most professionally done and what a special experience. go

Fastest Rides for all Ages
A good Magic Kingdom ride is really fast, the full speed circle ride. go

World Showcase Restaurants
Why not try the things that you would no way a having access to, like eating here in Morocco. go

Little Ones love the Stuff
We like Animal Kingdom the most for children, the animal learning and education is excellent. go

Place your Gambling Bets
Lots of skits and acts happen out of no where, even out of lines. go


Activities Vary Daily

Check-In at Port Orleans
It is very family focused, and loads of fun for all ages. go

Swimming Season
The bus is free, we tend to take ourselves around. go

Swimming Pool
Posted times are listed for these fun kid events, so do not miss out. go

The Disney Epcot Beach Hotel
Just a short walk further is the Band Stage Area, where the music concerts happen each evening. go

Very fine stay for family play
It is another winner we really liked. go

Zero Entry Swimming Pool
Nothing beats a zero entry swimming pool for the small kids. go

Stay in Prime Time Disney Style
We love it, a great hour of fun. go


Happy Fun Times

Activities Vary Daily

From years of frugal florida beach travel, I know of many ways you can cut your travel costs. In Orlando it is more about value, not just cost. Here you get tons of benefits, especially the pool. This is a winner, and better than a Cheap Hotel around international drive. The bus takes about ten or so minutes to arrive at the epcot drop off.

Grover Z.