Live Shows and Events makes Orlando a Special Vacation Experience

Best Themed
Go early and it will take you right up to the top of mount gushmore, and the views from there are supreme. go

Waiting in Line
Some people that see photographs of the lines at Disney World, and they think it's going to be a horrible day. go

The best of the Downtown Disney Events
What a good time, as they really have a huge mix of contemporary art, student contests, photography, and chalk designs. go

Photo Opportunities
Give them credit for creating one of the best Orlando locations making both adults and kids happy. go

Going out for some Wine
Really, all of the things are tame enough for the whole family to enjoy. go

Orlando Pony Rentals
If your kids are tall enough, over forty eight inches, go for the trail rides. go

Best of the Disney Dancers
High School Musical tells the story of a basketball player named troy, and a schoolgirl named gabriella, as they audition for lead parts in their High School Musical. go

Cooling Down Stations
There are cooling down stations during the summer. go


Put on the Planner

A very nice place for family vacations
Your children will love the pool zone, and will be wet the entire trip. go

Going to the Dance Party
This is a thing to see, so try not to leave to early. go

The Top of the Entertainment Picks
We learned that you need to check the event schedule, as they have lots of special performances. go

Best Orlando Chocolate Merchandise Shop
Ghirardelli is the best of the dessert shops around the Lake Buena Vista area. go

Sub Shop With Pre-Made Salads
We have major Florida news here today. go

Sassagoula River Pathway Rides
It is so fun to tour this wonderfully plush property. go

Patio Dining
Walk around the restaurant there are tables basically all 360 degrees, not just out the front door area. go


Places in Orlando

Put on the Planner

After going to all of the different places In Orlando to have a good time, I have to give the highest nod over to the folks at Walt Disney World. It is just a heck of a lot bigger and has more money behind it then does Universal Studios or SeaWorld. Busch Gardens over in Tampa doesn't even come close. There's nothing wrong with these other places it's just a lot better when you go to their big boys stuff like Animal Kingdom with Expedition Everest. Have you had a chance to go on the forbidden mountain yet. When you're Walking up through the ride look for the sign that tells you this is the legendary home of the yeti, and the mountain is 20,154 feet tall! I kid you not that is on the sign, so go ahead and get more scared! Part of the build up is to get you excited for each of the rides and they do a better job than everybody else. We've had a lot of fun doing the good things like Space Mountain, and I have to say the cutest of them all for a mini Roller Coaster is Primeval Whirl. See you on the roller coasters!

Harley W.