Keep moving, as you get a lot to see in the same day

All Aboard the Peoplemover
Adults and kids love this cool ride as you typically have no waiting and it is just fun to do. go

China Movie is just the best
Oh my goodness is this place just like a vacation to Shanghai China! go

Flower Power Music Concerts
We love to schedule our vacation trips mid-March through may. go

Movie Stars Parade Show
The big festivals in Orlando always take a full year to plan and setup. go

Top of the day was Finding Nemo
I like the spontaneous events, they make us smile wide! go

You Must Enter
Take the Wildlife Express Train to a land that kids play with the animals. go

Shopping Mall
The stores and shops and restaurants continue to evolve. go

Very good is the entire stage area and nice lakefront seating. go


Disney Planning

Easy winners for Disney Vacation Hotels
The baseball part of the hotel is excellent, but it does not matter where you stay. go

A Pool View is the Best Room here
Walking in the back entrance to the park is so cool and most people do not know the secret location. go

Lighthouse Port Marina View
Being near the main pool is not worth the extra money if you have kids, as the nice walk is great for fitness. go

Weekly Orlando Rental
Close to the fun, I love the waterparks more than the traditional attractions here in Orlando. go

Big and Loaded with Goodies
When you stay at one of their resorts, you do not need to do any homework and just show up to be surprised. go

Active Hotels
So many activities, boats, free taxi, bonus hours at the parks and more. go

Deals for the Florida Resident
The value resorts are tremendous. go

Ask for a Deal

Do a bit of negotiation, as most of the Florida Hotels will give you a deal if you haggle on the phone prior to making a reservation. It works really well with beach vacation booking in the Summer, the off season. Yes, nearly all hotels will honor you as a Florida Resident with a percentage off (20% discount rate is normal). We like to push for getting an extra night free, which works well if you are staying four or more nights. You can also get upgraded to a suite, that is very easy to get since it is not a cash discount. Hope this helps. The favorites are the beach vacations, as they offer the biggest deals and have so much For the Whole Family.

Jeanette Z.

Eating the Yummy Foods

I have the recipe for the Disney Parade watching. Since it is winter and you are using your crock pot, please get the following items so you can make easy taco dip. It is perfect for when people pop over. Mix one lb ground beef, one purple onion, one jar salsa, and one full onion. Just the ticket for a Disney Christmas video party. Easy to make is what we like. This is it, the easy taco dip. I Crave this when we leave the Magic Kingdom or Epcot.

Thurman N.

Super is the Downtown Disney Store

I love the deals at the Disney Springs Mall. Everybody is getting good with dealing with video these days and Disney is the perfect place to practice. Being in a location with all the wonderful Music and smiles and insures that you will produce a nice result. The best deals for Disney gifts is over at Downtown Disney westside.

Mellisa A.