It is extra fun staying at the Disney World hotels with big swimming pools

Cheap Hotel
The dedicated bus service is a nice thing for the evenings or if you're heading to the happy hours over at Disney Springs. go

Fun and Cheap
Things are way more upbeat with all the kids smiling and laughing. go

Swimming Pool
Being close to the action makes the vacation experience much better, as you never need your car. go

Well Themed Lodge Hotel
I loved the lodge's soaring lobby and super cozy guestrooms. go

Ask for a free room upgrade
We like staying by Universal Studios because they have been pumping and so much money into the park. go

Summer Discount Rates
The atmosphere is fantastic-fun and relaxed, and you can carry a beer in your hand. go

Higher Rated Orlando Hotels
Overall the african theming was delightful! go

Marriott Hotel near Disney
This all-suites Lake Buena Vista hotel offers a complimentary breakfast spread. go


Where to Vacation Stay

Good Spots for Alcohol at Disney
Epcot is great for drinks, plus all the bars at any of the Disney Orlando Resorts. go

Epcot Morocco Restaurant
You will feel the vibe and make sure you check for the live music times at the stage out front. go

Orlando Vacation Planning
We very much appreciated seeing your video review of the Disney Music Resort. go

Pizza Toppings
Adults can indulge in their favorite cocktails, beer, wine, or champagne. go

Easy Access to Parks and Swimming
With the summer discounts and the specials they offer to all of us Florida residents it was too good to pass up. go

Best Egg Rolls in Orlando
A Celebration of asian cultural and arts is the coolest. go

World Showcase
We like the Wine Fest and the Norway showcase, and really cooled off at the Maelstrom ride. go

Hotel Tips and Guidance

I read your article on helping people getting to know the disney hotels and how to take advantage of that. I really appreciate the tips and guidance, as only people that have experience dealing with the hotels can tell you the little ins and outs. It is a nice to know that their ice machines actually work and are on every single floor, near the elevator. The hotels have small size refrigerators so we like to keep the cold drinks and water in the ice cooler. We always sucked down so many glasses of water each day, plus we drink a lot of diet drinks. After all the Walking, you are going to drink a lot more than ever. At night we switch over to ice cold Beer, so making sure you bring an extra ice-cooler is a really good idea to save room for your leftover food in the refrigerator.

Brock N.

A Good Location

It looks like a high of sixty eight or so on December 23rd, with a low of around forty eight, so not bad when you are prepared! That is the weather I am used too. That is what it has been here. It will not slow us down. I like the crisp, cool air in Florida in the winter. Staying at the hotel was a nice pick for sure.

We thought the Marriott was a good pick up here on pembrook drive In Orlando. We didn't know that it would take us about twenty minutes to get to Disney Springs approximately. It maybe longer sometimes and I did not tape it with my watch, as I should have but at least it will give you an idea. It's not that bad of a ride down the highway straight shot, no stops at all. You can find it really easy on google maps and zoom in and check out the hotel here and all the neat things that are in the area. We always like to pick a place that's at a location where we can walk to things at night if we want to go out and drink some Alcohol. Events are fun to do so pay attention to the event venue websites.

Charity T.