Picking out a really good Hotel Room

Premier Vacation to the Waters Edge
We had a great time and we were busy the entire time we were there. go

Where the World goes to Party
The area is just loaded with goodies for visitors: sightseeing, tiki bars, live music, and revolving entertainment. go

Loves the Pines and Palms Swimming Pool
We love our 2 week Islamorada vacation stay at Pines and Palms. go

Amenity Filled with Smiles
Our stay was enhanced by the location of the hotel on Truman Avenue. go

Waterfront Rental
You will be impressed by the seafood menu at the Pilot House. go

Special pleasures for the Island Visitors
We picked our stay before May to receive 2000 Bonus Points for each day of the trip. go

Extended stay in the Florida Keys
Yes, most of the reef trips, glass bottom boat, and the sunset cruises have cheaper tickets you buy online. go

Great Hotel Swimming Pool and Pier
Our favorite thing about the trip was the kayak travel trips and the Miss Islamorada fishing boat. go


Room Rental Recommendations

Florida Keys Gifts for Cheap
We are going for lobster. go

Good Locations for Canoe Trips
The kayak and canoe rental is a great facility and worth your time. go

Perfect for Beach and Water Play
Very much impressed were we by the water quality and its clarity. go

All products are Five Dollars or less
The king of the inexpensive has to be the Dollar Store, and it is right in the middle of it all. go

Key West to do List
This is Mel Fisher, the real treasure hunter that made such a splash starting in around 1980 or so. go

36850 Overseas Highway in Big Pine Key
Party Boats have been under $50. go

Locals Explore away from the Crowds
Locals go to other things and we are extended stay visitors, that means a three-week local! go


Pick a Tropical Hotel

Room Rental Recommendations

Taking care of a hotel property is a big deal down here. The summer is something as everything grows so fast. Can you please bring your string fixing items for the weed trimmer. It would be nice if you can show me your technique for changing out the weed trimmer. Summer is the super growth time and it has been raining plenty! Keeping the resorts and b&bs up is important. The properties are mostly small, except for the Casa Marina, but the flowers and bushes grow super quick. After the lawn work it is time for a big bottle of beer from captain tonys saloon!

Elnora Z.