I agree kids love Disney and the swimming pools

This hotel specializes in chef prepared foods. go

Lakefront Hotel
The Best of Orlando Hotel Amenities is All for Fun! go

Orlando for Adults
Normally the value resorts are the way we go, but the upgrades are so nice to have. go

Enjoy the Comforts
No matter what your vacation plans include, not using the car is prime. go

Weekly Orlando Rental
Get your family a full kitchen and two baths for a sweet trip. go

Enjoy the Surfboard Bay Swimming Pool
I guess you could request a special section and they should be able to put you there. go

Swimming Pool
We vacation and stay in the Orlando area often and this is easily one of the better places to take advantage of beach, boating, and swimming pool activities. go

Take a tour before you book
A kids place or a romantic couples place, it works perfectly for all age groups. go


Get the Hotel Amenities

Roller Coaster
The very best spot for photopass has to be across the lake from Expedition Everest, at Animal Kingdom. go

A Fun Day out in Orlando
Most people come out looking to meet and get autographs from the ESPN Celebrities. go

So Many Fun Activities to do for Families
We pretty much freaked out when we arrived and saw what kind of place were to be staying at. go

Disney Hotel Boat Taxis Review
Sit in the back of the ferry, the open air seats are the best. go

Small Children love Splash Mountain
The wet part happens on the last part there, where you fly down and hit the water on the bottom. go

Beat the Heat Orlando
Just primetime, a proven winner for fun. go

Enjoy the Movie Stars
Younger kids will love Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure and the kid Character Greetings. go

Happy with Theme Park Resorts

My four children and I love the entire disney property. The family is a big Mickey Mouse fans we have to travel to Orlando at least once a year to get the Disney sightseeing. It is the best thing staying at a Theme Park Resort. If you have to stay off the theme park property, go with worldquest Orlando resort. Always pick a hotel with a fantastic vibe. Any of the Theme Park Resorts is a winner for families.

Lenora L.

Things we Learned about Disney Photography

Just got back from Orlando, Disney, and the peabody hotel. The kids take the photos, and their eagle eyes detect all mickey sightings! Video and Photography at Disney is excellent, with all of the plant-flower formations, moving scenery and smiling objects. You just pull out several gorgeous shots and stick them in a customized frame for display. We make them as gifts, or to decorate your own bathrooms and bedrooms at home.

Willa P.

Close to the Action

I would think that everybody that wants to pick out a Disney resort would be very happy with this particular Grand Floridian Hotel. We stayed in the Conch Key building, because they have different names that are all Florida Keys related. It is nice to have a good looking place that you can see the Swimming Pool so you can watch all the ladies in the bikinis! The room was huge and a lot different than the Pop Century Resort that we stayed at three years ago, but that was nice.

Having a great view means a lot and you can walk down and do things out on the property around the waterfront. They have a boat marina at this particular hotel which is kind a rare. Having that free transportation availability means a lot because you can suck down a few drinks before you go out at night and you don't have to get behind the wheel. They have one of the better places for quick service food, and that makes it a lot nicer when you're staying at a hotel when the kids get hungry. Give it a top rating and it's much better to be close to the action and not up in north Orlando like sheratonorlandonorth.com we did last summer.

Terrie D.