Good Ideas for Sightseeing on the Islands

Get inspired for the Hemingway Look-Alike Contest
Just take an hour and read up on the man and his life. go

Scenic Transportation that is fun to do
After many vacations down to mile marker zero, I started going with any new guests on the old town trolley the first day on the island. go

Places that really made the winning tastes
We love it, it's jovial and exciting. go

Guaranteed to be on Your Key West Tour
We a buzz past the southernmost point tribute buoy all the time, and have never seen it empty, without visitors out front. go

Love the Zany Creations
Empty for years, they almost tore it down. go

Beach Park at Fort Taylor
You can not go wrong with this top 10 Key West attraction. go

Popular Spots to go for Sightseeing
Each reef area offers a different vantage point and a unique view for scuba divers. go

You will not believe what is inside
There is a lot of fun options down here, where they call it zero duval. go


Everybody Loves

One very cool Beach Zone
You just have to try kayaking when you're down here. go

Getting ready for the Island Vibe
So good, yet improving! go

Hotel Winners in the Florida Keys
You can snorkel wherever you can get wet, but Zachary Park is best. go

Key West's Waterfront Playground
This is why we came to Key West, for waterfront play, scuba diving, fishing, and fun filled attractions. go

You do need bicycles in the Town
The bicycle transportation service in Key West is awesome. go

You can Hold a Jelly Fish
The kids just got so much of a thrill with the shark feedings and sting ray bay. go

Getting the Best Fishing Information
It is so delicious! go


Things to do in Key West

Everybody Loves

I couldn't say enough good things about our trip down to the Florida Keys and the Southernmost Point. This is a cool town, with lots to do all day long and into the late night. Did you know that the bars here in this city do not close until four am. I'm not usually up at four am, but I see the hours posted on the outside of their entranceway. We pretty much get up and go at it first thing in the morning, doing the water sports stuff like the Snorkel Trips for the Lower Keys. One thing you don't have to worry about is Getting fit on your Vacation. Everything is about bicycle travel, and cruising around looking at the things along the pathways. Make sure you go to Fort Taylor Beach Park, the best beach in the Florida Keys.

Rusty S.