Go ahead and count on a very good experience staying here

Best Disney Swimming Pool
We typically would have breakfast at the hotel and would be first in line when the theme park opened. go

Features a Swimming Pool Bar
Our blessing goes to anything just a two minute walk to Epcot. go

Boat Taxi
Nearby, the peabody is nice, very nice. go

Hotel located near the Animal Kingdom Theme Park
If you do not like sports as much, go with the contemporary which is fun for kids too. go

Excellent selection for a Disney World Orlando Hotel
What a trip! go

Orlando Vacations in Prime time Style
The places we are staying at are more affordable and nice, but nothing beats staying here. go

Pool Bar
We rate Disney All-Star Music Resort as prime time for all ages. go

The fun is held not far from the swimming pool, an outdoor venue and is sweet. go


Charming Sleepovers

Marine Life Animals at Seaworld
It is not just about the animals at this theme park, despite the name and a big animal focus. go

Strap in and get Ready to Fly on Everest
There is nothing wrong with Harry Potter or Adventureland, but you get more value and fun out of a day to Animal Kingdom. go

Mini Golf Group Discounts
The entire family reunion group made the trip here for a fun round of play-style golf. go

Perfect for Kids under Eight
All kids love donald's playground boat and Goofy's airplane roller coaster. go

Entrance to Aerosmith
So much planning and design goes into every single new item. go

Makes Me Laugh
Walt Disney World Showcase is one great big and worldly show. go

Plenty of Room to Dance Along
This allows you plenty of room to dance along! go


Where to Stay

Charming Sleepovers

We had the hardest time picking out where to stay on this Trip to Orlando. Go on orbitz and you'll see what I mean by having lots of options for room prices. When you sort the hotel rooms from low priced to high price, the low price is usually around $30 a night. When you click on the particular property to take a look at it, you realize it's one or two blocks from international drive and in a very good location. Staying cheap is one option and another one is paying a little bit more and being right on disney property. That becomes the biggest dilemma of all, which location do you want to be. It is nice not to have to use the car so I would prefer to either be on the main bus line or be part of the Disney free transportation. Maybe the best thing to do for newbie to the area is to try both. Just flip a coin and go with either an international drive cheapy for heads or if it's tails go with Pop Century Resort. Either way you're going to be At the Theme Parks like the Magic Kingdom most of the time anyway.

Lloyd L.