Fort Wilderness is the only Walt Disney World Resort that allows pets

Value Pick
It's nice to leave the towels in the bathroom clean and exactly what a there supposed to be until you finally need him which might not be till late in the evening or even maybe the next morning. go

A very impressive stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge
Having a lot of room is nice for adults that entertain between two and six guests. go

Magic Kingdom Golf Resort
Whenever I had a few minutes or while waiting for the kids, it was time to hit the greens. go

First Rate Orlando Hotel
The resorts at Disney World do not get old as we have stayed at most of them multiple times. go

Splashable Orlando Beach Play
It was an excellent stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort, where everything about it is right on the money. go

Disney Kitchen Villa Rentals
The best stays in Orlando are always when you have a really good spot to stay and a kitchen. go

Big and Loaded with Goodies
The Magical Journey Package seems to be the best one, as it puts you in an upgraded hotel, not the value ones. go

Lakeside Disney Boardwalk Villa
I love the BoardWalk area and would get a room at one of the hotels here if the budget permits. go


Relaxing Vacation Trips

Better than Ever Parades
There is nothing better than the daily parades, and they spice them up a bunch during the during the Disney Holiday season. go

The Best Rides at Animal Kingdom
So fun, and dancing too! go

Stopping at the Boulangerie Patisserie
The france area is excellent it will be an hour or more easy to see all. go

Spinning Rides
One of the better places for families with children. go

Swimming Pool
I like that $20 and under technique, which the World of Disney Store has covered. go

Better than a Big Rollercoaster
It is not a movie, but rather a real take on what the Indiana Jones character and adventures are all about. go

All Aboard the Peoplemover
This is the way a future city should be. go

Happy to be Disney Nuts

Your Disney password for this account has recently been changed. You don't need to do anything, this message is simply a notification to protect the security of your account. Please note: your new password may take awhile to activate. If it doesn't work on your first try, please try it again later. It took two hours and all is fantastic.

Romeo S.

Hotel Services are Outstanding

(question) what is the story behind getting on the web here at the resort? (answer) they have the property all geared up with complimentary wireless internet (wi-fi). It is a breeze and is available in public areas, restaurants, bars, marina, pool, and inside guest rooms. It always worked fine for us.

Shirley U.