Family rides are big smiles for all ages

Disney World Baseball Stadium
You know, like the cardinals, mets, and new york yankees. go

Super Disney Transportation Options
It is so fun to tour this wonderfully plush property. go

Always a great time for All
You only pay as you need snacks or liquids, plus any movies or gifts. go

Planet Watch
They offer a bunch of education exhibits and a working animal hospital, where you can take a peek at what is going on. go

Live Events for Disney Pleasures
The cast members are always changing everything up to keep it fresh for passholders. go

Animal Lovers Entertainment at Disney
First, the lines get crazy for this African Tour Guide Ride, but you can pick out a sweet little fast pass. go

Captain Sparrow Pirate Training
The travel tidbits would rate the rides and attractions here as more geared for the youth. go

Epcot Japan Sushi Grill
Names change at Disney, as some still call it the yakitori house. go


Celebrate the Fun

Variety of Fun Activities
We vacation and stay in the Orlando area often and this is easily one of the better places to take advantage of beach, boating, and swimming pool activities. go

Swimming Pool
Plenty of bars are right here and nightlife close to the hotel is a big time plus. go

Excellent Hotels for Adults in Orlando
This time it was all adults, and the rooms are plenty big, so not a problem there. go

Amenity Maximization
Getting your magic bands is the key to the world. go

Swimming Pool
Resort food and restaurant choices on site are all great, making it so easy with a group of kids. go

Splash Play
We thought the Disney World Orlando resorts were too expensive, but they offer a nice mix of hotels to choose from. go

3 fun filled Disney Days here
We love it, a great hour of fun. go

Safe and Unique Entertainment Encounters

What is a great Disney birthday experience for children? The son is turning 12, and we are granting his wish for a Disney birthday! Any suggestions on something really, really cool to make his Disney birthday something Extra Special? Answer: most adventurous children that age will love an up-close experience with real life sharks! The choice is the Blizzard Beach shark encounter at Disney. It is a safe and unique encounter with full sized sharks, huge swordfish, and more. It is Shark Reef, and you are in the tank with them!

Estelle O.

Orlando Favorites

Yeah to a weekly condo rental near Disney with a self cleaning oven! Easy off oven cleaner works great for the inside. For the outside, that citrus cleaner I got you works great at getting rid of grease. A grease-free oven will get you top dollar for a rental. Yeah that is fantastic! Lion King kitty is happy for you too! It will be a great oven to have in the lower forty eight! I think I paid about $350 for my oven. We can go to Home Depot or Lowes and look at them. I think Home Depot has better prices. I would like to get a piece of wood to block kitty from going to the neighbor's yard. Thanksgiving will be here soon and I don't want him getting out when molly comes to visit. We can get your jalapenos too at the Flea Market.

Marie J.