A big plus is the ability to share the day at Walt Disney World

The parade is too fun, and the kids can yell. go

Epcot Italy Italian Restaurant
These restaurants here bring back the old tradition of free-flowing wine and dishes of thoughtfully prepared specialties. go

Planet Watch
They offer a bunch of education exhibits and a working animal hospital, where you can take a peek at what is going on. go

Chinese Restaurants
The restaurants here are just fantastic, and probably a little bit better over there at Epcot. go

Sure, you will need to pay for food and water, but your daily cost is low. go

Our picks at Epcot Theme Park
We stop and try something at all of the more than two dozen countries. go

Fun Rides with no Inversions
This park is a family top-10. go

Epcot Japan Sushi Grill
You want to hit the Epcot Japan sushi grill, it is great. go


Mickey Mouse Enthusiast

Enjoy the Comforts
Ask for the super low price, discounts are a big deal in Orlando. go

Boat Taxi
Nearby, the peabody is nice, very nice. go

Active Hotels
Great stay for sure in the Magic Kingdom area of the property. go

Where are the Resorts with Watersports and Boating
ANSWER: My picks are the (1) Grand Floridian (2) Contemporary Hotel (3) Caribbean Beach Resort (4) Boardwalk Inn and Villas (5) Port Orleans Riverside Resort (6) Wilderness Lodge and Villas (7) Old Key West Inn (8) Polynesian (9) Fort Wilderness (10) Coronado Springs (11) Port Orleans French Quarter (12) Saratoga Springs and the (13) Yacht and Beach Club and Villas. go

Better than Normal Accommodations
Whenever I had a few minutes or while waiting for the kids, it was time to hit the greens. go

Deals match Quality with Fun
Seaworld, Universal, and Mickey Mouse! go

Plan for Local Orlando Transportation
Some hotels just stand out as being a little bit better than all the rest. go

A City that offers Amazing Attractions

Not only does Orlando offer amazing attractions such as Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Resort, but there is much more. Try world-class golf, upscale dining, and internationally renowned shopping for the adults. The top Orlando Attractions to take younger children. Always on the mind is considerations for Younger Children, so we picked Hollywood Studios as the top pick.

Lara D.

Disney Travel

Ok, Florida Travel Commander that sounds good about eat at the chick-fil-a.com cheap spot on the way to the Polynesian Resort check in. I was going to make fish on Sunday so we can have fish to go along with the Chinese food. I work with a girl who is from Epcot China and she made pot stickers for the halloween bake-off. I will ask her for the ingredients. That is a great video at the Old Key West Resort pool. Those people in the keys have too much fun! Seeing video like that makes me want to go there and stay!

Avis D.