A Balcony View is my Favorite Hotel Amenity

Zebras Outside your Hotel Room
This is a most exceptional hotel we have every stayed in by far. go

They have a nice lounge bar inside the main lobby area so if you need to get some alcohol drinks, beer, wine plus any of those fancy cocktails. go

Orlando Hotels with Fantastic Swimming Pools
Food is excellent with all natural cocktails using fresh orange and lime juice. go

Walkway to Citywalk
There's a big section of it that has unbelievably tall bamboo trees and they sway in the wind and make a really creepy sound that's fantastic. go

Resorts with the Kid Focus
Suites have a third murphy bed pull down extra and a second full bath. go

One of the best things about this hotel is the cool outdoor photography. go

Hotels Great with Kids
Everywhere you look are special things to enjoy and wow it the pool huge. go

Lush Tropical Atmosphere
The room was always clean and the mousekeeper made wonderful towel animals for us everyday. go


Reasons to Travel

Best of the Disney Dancers
It is a grand parade, as this group of actors really gets the vibes going around the park. go

Shopping in China
We have to drive over from Sanford to shop here because Epcot has the coolest stuff. go

Pint Sized Fun Playground
A child's mind will explode like when they are looking at comic book. go

Huge Dining Area at Epcot
You will feel the vibe and make sure you check for the live music times at the stage out front. go

Very cool is the braves baseball action during their spring training. go

Magic Kingdom Christmas Events
To me this answers the question, when is the best time to visit Disney. go

Your Hotel has a Real Zoo
The living area has a pull out couch for two extra guests to sleep, and you pick one or two bedroom units depending on availability and your vacation budget. go


Get a Hotel Room

Reasons to Travel

We go to Orlando quite a bit since we only live a couple hours away in St Petersburg. People are always asking me when is the best time to visit and get a hotel room. I really think the best time is when your vacation allows it and that's probably more of a work-related issue. I would stay away from getting a hotel whenever it's too cold out to take advantage of the swimming pools. Just because they have the pools heated does not mean that you're going to want to go in them. I would stay away from January, February, and March. That is the peak time where everything is more expensive anyway, as people are coming down from up north. Even on a sunny day when it's sixty three degrees, with a twenty mile an hour wind, swimming in the pool all of a sudden became such no fun. You need to be able to get in easily and get out easily without your body going into hypothermia or shock!

Gina V.